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Earlier in November 2020, we had the chance to have our story resonates with the world by being interviewed by CBC-Radio Canada. Here is the article. 


Ophélie Princé and Maxime Moyson are both come from France.
They recently founded candēlae, an online store for scented candles.

"We realized that we had suddenly been entirely cut off from all our personal and professional connections," explains Ophélie.

Maxime also lost his job at the start of the pandemic. It put a lot of things into perspective, and then, over the months, we realized that the pandemic was here to last, adds the young woman.

When friends of theirs had their first child in Montreal, the couple wanted to let them know that they were thinking of them even if they could not be there physically. They then thought it would be a good idea to do something similar for their colleagues and friends. To say "I'm thinking about you," "I miss you," a significant opportunity in this weird period, says Ophélie.

Une jeune femme et une jeune homme sont assis sur un canapé.

Ophélie and Maxime are both come from France.

The concept is to bring something different into relationships. To highlight and celebrate connections that we have with our family, friends and colleagues remotely. Say "thank you," say "I love you," say "I miss you."

Ophélie Princé, cofondatrice de Candelae


The couple is working with two candle artisans from Ontario to promote local and eco-responsible production. The little note that is added to the candle box is written by hand.

It requires a significant personal investment besides their respective jobs. The two collections released also have a close link with the pandemic: Remember that time to remember the good times shared and Live in the moment to live in the present moment and enjoy it.

The idea is to celebrate personal and professional relationships and make the distance no longer a barrier but an opportunity. We can always be together, even if we are not physically together.

Maxime Moyson, co-founder of candēlae
des bougies sont installées devant un miroir avec des fleurs séchées

Ophélie and Maxime have just launched and hope to be able to offer new collections quickly.

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